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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 6, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> justine: a huge fan and san francisco brand down hotel, injuring 20 people, displacing dozens. >> james: the defense will begin presenting its case today. in the barry bonds trial. >> justine: a push to strengthen the carrot was in pipeline safety. >> louisa: getting ready to see some changes in the forecast it does include some wet weather details coming up. >> erica: crosstown freeways, no hot spots. complete check and your commute straight ahead. >> james: developing story, san francisco, dozens of
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people displaced following a fire in the tenderloin. >> reporter: here in the tenderloin district a fire broke out in this apartment building around 10:00 fog causing smoke to fill the hallways. those people will not be displaced for quite some time as part of the building's roof has collapsed. the fire started on the first floor of the building spreading to the upper floors viet the trash chute. people reported smoke and fire alarms going off. 20 injured, 45 in hospital, none of those injuries prove to be life-threatening. they will investigate the cause, meanwhile the red cross has been on scene to provide housing for a few weeks. >> james: we spoke to people who are staying in that building they describe what happens. >> the fire line goes off all the time. i ignored it
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for the first five minutes. when i got up, i smell smoke. i looked out, a smoke pouring out to the juror. >> you could smell the smoke, by the time i close my door and hit the hallways, the smoke was everywhere. >> james: this morning this fire is an hour, an investigation is under way. firefighters are asking the public to let investigators do their jobs. >> are asking people to stay away from the area if possible. the streets will be closed for while the investigation continues. traffic should be diverted. expect delays of you come to the area. >> james: the next 30 minutes more on why firefighters say they're not ruling out arson as a possible cost. >> justine: california highway patrol wants to hear firsthand stories of the gas line explosion so they can strengthen current and future laws. moke spoke last
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night offering personal accounts. -- victims smoke. >> in may have only been eight people killed, but where's the other people with bandages on their faces, hands. no one ever talks about the gas leaks. i was amazed that the federal government had to come and tell us that they did not know their own pipelines. they're the ones who had to figure out that there was welcome those sites. >> eight people died in the explosion that happened on september 9th. dozens more injured, 38 homes were destroyed in this fire last night's hearing is one of three that will be held. >> james: a judge will decide this morning whether to dismiss one of the counts
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against barry bonds. it charges him with lying when he denied that his personal trainer asked him to " take anything before the 2003 season. they agreed in presuming the charge related to designers steroids. the dissent offense begins presenting their case. they plan to call 3-6 witnesses, one of them could be barry bonds himself. >> justine: new details on the reward helping authorities find two men who beat the giants fan it is now $100,000. they voted to add another $50,000 to the reward yesterday. he remains in critical condition. reggie kumar updates as on the metal attention that he now requires, and have a family is doing. >> reporter: brian stow the man you see here, was beaten
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after giants vs. the darters game. he's showing signs of brain damage the entire left side of his skull had to be removed to relieve pressure off the plane. he may never be able to breathe again on his own. his family spoke out for the first time since the attack. he says he senses wetter text message saying he was scared. -- he sent his wife a text message during the game saying he was scared. >> justine: if you want to donate to his expenses you can go to and click on the link. >> george: now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: talking about a slight cool down as he headed to tomorrow we could bring with it the wet weather, this morning a shot of the golden gate bridge, dry picture, we will also start off with some cooler temperatures this morning so
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just be prepared. clear skies allowing that he to skate over night. as we head into the afternoon the wind is expected to pick up. strong guess at times, a cooler temperatures. that wet weather kicks in by tomorrow. right now coming your current temperatures are cooler than they have been, sitting in the 40's and santa rosa. 46 in napa. 50 mountain view. satellite, radar shows all of the activity while to the north of us. this system is expected to six separate as it does so, we will notice more cars streaming into the picture. increasing by the latter part of your day, showers late tonight and tomorrow. your current temperatures in the afternoon warming into the '60s. action getting much more where we should be this
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time of year. 61 in san rafael. along the coast, 50s. 65 annunzio, mid-60's also radar to san jose. future cashier says ritter and midnight we start picking up a few showers. we put into motion, spotty showers, occasional downpours. early in the morning thursday. best chance of what weather along the peninsula. -- wet weather. into the afternoon, a better chance of thunderstorms. small hill, location of very heavy downpour at times. as we take it to the evening we start to dry out. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. that weather will not last too long, freddie drying out. saturday a nice break of sunshine. slight chance of a shower or two.
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>> erica: thank you, we don't have any real hot spots to tell you about. your commute is off to a pretty good start. heading out to the bridges a live look here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nice, light, making your way to san francisco the meeting nights are cycled off. looking good at the san mateo bridge. no problems to report. this taillights in good shape, lots of space between cars. golden gate bridge, south down-101 very quiet. no accidents to report. -- that southbound- 101. i promise to tell you about a slowdown on the nimitz, northbound-80 rape before '92, we have to car crash blocking one of the lanes. -- right before high weight-92. overnight constructin
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effect for 5:00 expect minor delays if you had it in this area this morning no hotspots to tell you about. >> james: thank you, coming up we have the latest on the budget battle. whether lawmakers are making any headway before that deadline for government shutdown. more on that in a minute. mount tam, san francisco, the camera is bouncing just a bit. they will get a little wind your force today.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. james lick, traffic in the inbound looks pretty good. your ride this morning is not bad, weather wise that'll allow cooler you feel that when he stepped out the door. this afternoon temperatures are cooler today, even cooler tomorrow. rain coming into the forecast louisa has been
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tracking it all. >> justine: i am ready for cool down. you? >> james: i am done with the rain. >> justine: washington lawmakers are expected to debate an agreement today that is necessary to prevent a shutdown. the white house meeting yesterday. they failed to produce any breakthroughs. the president we're told is working to try to get the spending deal approved. white has sent congress face a friday deadline we'll keep you posted. experts say the spending proposal for the next fiscal year will cost retirees more money. it would put people 54 and younger in a different program. the announcement comes from the nonpartisan congressional office.
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>> james: president obama as pushing energy and education he's traveling to philadelphia to talk about his long-term plan by reducing its oil, tapping energy sources, shifting the nation to renewable and less political sources. president barack obama has set a goal of reducing our oil imports by one-third by 20-25. stock futures are up, consumer spending will be slow. wells fargo will play a $11.2 million to settle allegations that it overcharged clients. the u.s. and colombia expected to announce a free trade pact today. chrysler is cutting overtime at plants in canada and mexico to conserve parts. >> justine: aaa says it will cost 8000, $776 to own and
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maintain their cars this year. that is up 3.4%. rising gas prices, more expensive tires and depreciating costs are the main culprits. another reason to get a bike. so is this, bay area gas prices the average price it hurts doesn't $4.15, san jose $4.11. oakland is usually the lowest. is now $4.10. >> james: it keeps going up, troubles result was released in the cracks are found in a plane and what a nightmare this is for public relations. team coverage coming up. a live look outside and san francisco a beautiful day is on the way. we will be right back with
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the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> james: following the forecasts, colter's coming in. >> louisa: winter weather advisory, we are action going to get snow in the sierra. we have an advisory in effect from 10:00-4 clock. the snow levels getting down to 40,000 ft.. 4-8 in. above the 5000 level. more than a foot of snow up at the peaks. the heavier snow midnight tonight renown 3 sunrise. let's take a look at the shot from san francisco. it is shaking around a bit. winds are expected to pick
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up to date. expect those gusty winds. temperatures just slightly cooler than yesterday. this is a head of a storm expected strong been bringing us some rain. right now 40-50s a bit cooler to store your day. clear skies on a lot of heat to escape over night. 46 for livermore, 50 san francisco. south bay upper 40's. satellite, radar shows a storm sitting to the north. this is expected to drop cells were increasing clouds the leader part of your day to day also some cooler air getting question as well. by tomorrow that renewal see that chance of rain. afternoon highs, 67 santa rosa, 68 napper, 61 in san francisco. south bay '60s. 66 oakland. here is a
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look at your 7 day around the bay. showing some changes as we had an to tomorrow. rain, thunderstorms, small hail. i shall it could pop up in the evening on sunday. >> erica: i just checked the traffic maps clean, green, top speed at or about 50 mi. an hour. we do have a couple of accidents, none of them causing any slowdowns. bay bridge, conditions look good. westbound-san francisco, no reports of any problems. for those of you having over to the cemetery bridge a nice and light. those taillights heading added hayward into foster city and drive time of 14 minutes between 80 and 101.
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no problems to for your ride at of the north bay to the golden gate bridge. some slowing rainier lucky drive, traffic clogs, no accidents or incidents to report. craig conditions. picking up one last camera, no hot spots to track down in the south bay. a live look at 101 this is closer to downtown. to barely see those taillights making their way up. very quiet at this hour. same story for asa's bay freeways. no proms reported. >> james: international news, the latest of libya, naled operation continues to enforce a no-fly zone rebel forces say the western coalition is not making good on the promises they made before the airstrikes began. criticism comes after proa
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gaddafi forces left attacks on major cities. the international air operation is working, having taking out 30 percent of gadhafi's military capacity. >> justine: good news from japan workers stopped highly radioactive leak into the ocean. meanwhile japan has started the daunting task of removing all the ways created from last month's earthquake in tsunami. the destination is about 30 million t. the total number buildings destroyed has reached 151%. at the airport, hundreds of cars were scattered. it was a huge mess. these cars need to be recycled otherwise they will cause future pollution. japan's government has ordered a domestic airlines to inspect nearly every early model of
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these fine 7 3/7 amid air fuchsia role locked ripped open. it would cover 46 boeing help screens from japan, and other smaller japanese carriers. it will need to inspect the boeing 737300-400-500 models. >> james: 5 airline planes have been found to have metal fatigue. in this very same place there hole ripped open on a flight heading to sacramento. southwest as it was caught off-guard by the wear and tear of the plane. >> reporter: in san francisco airline experts say it's at the age of the plane in years that really affects the safety as much as how well the main dance is done. there are federal regulations over how well a plane needs to be maintained and how many times in needs to be serviced. experts questioned the recent practice of out
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sourcing the maintenance of planes overseas. and how well the faa can check up on the people who are doing now work. . >> james: all the passengers landed safely from oakland to denver, after issues with one of its flaps. we brought you this story alive yesterday morning. the plan was granted shortly after taking off because the plane's flaps indicator light came on the plane just needed a sensor a replacement. no one was injured. >> justine: i wanted oakland man believed to scanned elderly people of about $40,000 price police by attending his court appearance. he was arrested after shoring up and the lme the county superior court for an appearance in a grand theft case. oakland police had asked for the public's help to locate him
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last month after unsuccessful search. youshocks city is being questioned after he brought the bomb, jeans are, sort to the school. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the charges against him. california's parole board has granted parole for one of the three men convicted of hijacking and kidnapping a school bus full of children. it happened back in 1976, richard allen is scheduled to be paroled in 20-21, he was sentenced to life without parole. the three men were sent to prison after kidnapping 26 children and a bus driver and bearing the underground in a van. the victims manage to get themselves out. >> james: bay area city council is voting to stop plans for local casino they
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decided not to go through with the casino after more than six years of back and forth. developers now hundred and 20 days to road and non development of that site. the dutch non deeming development. tweet this, twitter is staying in san francisco lawmakers approved the tax break. they say to reduce tax break was in an effort to keep the company from leaving the city. it exempts the bombing service complained payroll tax on new hires if a move to the city's neglected mid market area. >> justine: are you going to treat that? >> james: i will have to now. >> justine: severe weather wracked the nation, we will show you what one reporter experience >> james: . rain on the way
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for the bay, we've been hearing about her from louisa. there's a live look outside the mount tam, you can rtc care are shaking. -- you can already see that camera shaking.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a quick riches, beginning with the bay bridge ride, the terra traffic is pretty light. no issues. san mount tam, highly 92 traffic as far
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number of directions. looking ahead, one last look, golden gate, no worries. i would say this headlights on your screen but we don't see any. traffic is pretty light here. >> justine: it is the perfect time to commute. no one is on the road. storm tracker 4, while the weather is hitting the nation today that big system heading chicago rain now that will then move over to the east coast. that storm system that is moving across the great lakes is bringing a mix of rain and snow showers. people will go up to gusty winds and frosty day. strong storms that blew through palm beach uprooted a large tree sending an news curb running for cover. >> it was upon us within seconds. my photographer and
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i were in the midst of an interview when the sky turned black. when it purchased around ankara formations hovered above us. often the distance we heard sirens. we ran across the street to seek refuge in iraq center. --left-center. >> i thought the tornado was on its way. i wanted to make sure i got here in time to get my daughter. >> reporter: a few miles north, they witnessed how the winds are seeing this massive tree from its roots in her friend's yard. >> we will all standing outside. all my kids, my tran spirit or all outside. when that the tree wells there, the next and it was not. >> reporter: risen 30 minutes they were there removing the tree. >> make sure people don't run over anything. the city
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is picking up street signs. we had a couple of the trees down. this is the only full tree. >> justine: wild weather damage. >> james: that is pretty crazy. you know there's a tornado about to touch done or what. they just ran for cover. >> justine: our weather will be that bad. >> james: know. we're following the latest on a fire to an san francisco, and forced the emasculation of people and to the streets. more now than it. stay with us.
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>> justine: developing strand of san francisco, dozens of people displaced falling a fire in the tender line is broken up about 10:00, 20 people have been injured, four of them had to go to the hospital. none of
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the injuries that believe to be life-threatening. we ask firefighters what caused this blaze. >> the causes under investigation. we don't know if it's arson or accidental. that will be determined. however, i do know it started on the first floor, traveling up the garbage chutes spreading through the entire about things. there's a minor, roof collapsed, on the top of the building. >> justine: the investigation will continue this morning fire fighters are asking the public to stay away from the scene of the fire and to expect delays if you're driving in that area. barry bonds perjury trial, federal judge will decide whether to dismiss one of the counts against barry bonds. it charges that he lied when he denied his personal tran aston to " take anything. " the judge agreed with the
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defense team in presuming the charges related to designers steroids. the defense begins presenting its case. dan kerman has been covering the trial. >> reporter: at eight wins for barry bonds and the defense team at a judge refused to allow them to hear a recently discovered audiotape of a conversation between bonds his former business manager embosses surgeons. the judge ruled it was barely intelligible and its overall value to the case was low. he secretly recorded the conversation after the raid and delco. transcripts show they discuss the raid, stories and barry bonds. if it had been admitted it could open use to impeach the testimony. later in the day court employees read aloud from the transcript of the
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december 4, 2003 grand jury testimony in and bonds tonight being injected by his trainer. something that contradicts the testimony of his personal shopper. she testified she witnessed it. bonds also told the grand jury will he give him a cream and something called flaxseed oil bonds never knowingly took steroids. this contradicts the testimony of bonds his former girlfriend. he said bonds told them he was using steroids the defense will begin presenting its case on wednesday. on the list to federal agents and barry bonds himself. attorneys say they could cause some of those witnesses or none of them. in san francisco, dan kerman, kron4 news. >> justine: stay with us from reformation, a new details on or for helping authorities find the two men that beat a giants fan is now $100,000. the loss
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angeles city council voted to add another $50,000 to the report. he remains in critical condition in the neck,. reggie kumar let us know how his family is doing. >> reporter: brian stow's medical surgeon says the 42 year-old has a severely fractured skull and both of his brain's frontal lobes are badly bruised. >> what we did is we removed the entire live side of the skull. opening the covering of the brain. to allow the brain to decompress. because the pressures were to arrive prior to that. he is injury to growth frontal lobes there are a fax from now on memory, personality at the very least. in terms of recovery process there certain things to consider about how he can breathe on his own will he be depended on life-support how he will be able to get nutrition.
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>> reporter: he was brutally beaten in the parking lot of the dodgers stadium. the victim's cousin spoke publicly for the first time since when he calls this senseless act of violence happened last thursday. >> my wife received a telex message from brian, entering the game, he basically said he was scared inside the stadium. he doesn't use a term like that you sleep. he was a wonderful father great person. a man hill was dedicated to helping people saving people's lives. he gave to the community. for such a terrible event happen is just very just. the man had never been in a fight in his life. >> james: people of glace angeles and several stories in money to help with his expenses the california
4:35 am
pizza rain a chain pizza my heart is pitching in with money being raised. 30 percent of all profits will go towards his expenses. the owner says a lot of people and businesses felt compelled to help someone whose job is helping others. >> this is a guy who's in the anti he's out helping people all day long. now he is in need, people want to help him. there's a lot of giants fans, everyone says that could've been me. the >> james: there's no word on how much money was raised we will let you know as soon as we find out. if you want to help with his expenses just at the, click on the story we have information about where to send your donations. >> justine: we are halfway through the week at they were thinking about the weekend. louisa will fill us in on how things are cooling down. these are long gone what happened? >> louisa: use it to one of
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this. >> justine: i do because i don't feel bad about staying inside. >> louisa: we will see how you feel thursday. here's a shot of downtown san francisco, drive for now we're watching a few changes cold start the day little cooler in the afternoon you'll notice to get a bit gusty into the afternoon. wet weather sets in overnight in to tomorrow. upper 40's and places like san rafael, santa rosa. 15 concord and in san francisco. south bay, upper '40's, where at about 46 degrees for livermore. into the afternoon anheuser a bit more seasonal. low sixties in san rafael. temperatures to the east bay low-mid-60's along the coast about 57 degrees for half moon bay,
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10 degrees warmer and the starters. timeline, kicking and ran around midnight watching a few cells warm warm their way through. showers overnight, 3:00, seeing some rain by 6:00, it looks like the best chance of rain sing along the peninsula. into the south bay. spotty showers throughout the day, we have the threat of some thunderstorms some bricks of sunshine, leading to some thunderstorms. potential for some small hail, heavier downpours pretty testy when. overall we will see showers to to taper off as we headed to lead evening hours on your thursday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. chance for thunderstorms tortes latter part of your day. start to drive up by friday temperatures rebound into the '60s. saturday night's
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breaks of sunshine. mid-60s and some of the warm response. bay area staying in the '60s sunday night, there's another slight chance of showers. >> erica: it is a great time to leave your house, no hot spots to tie you about. great conditions bay area wide. more cars on the road especially here's your perch the bay bridge toward plaza. this is traffic heading toward san francisco. the good news is no way. traffic will get top speeds. drive temperatures to eight minutes. also seeing those get conditions at the san mateo bridge. no problems to live look, traffic moving at the limit with that in the accidents or incidents. free ride that of the north bay,-101 conditions here. for your entire trip of novato past tie with 37.
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traffic maps, an accident i talked about earlier. northbound-880 we were following a two car crash that accident has been pushed over to the right- hand shoulder no delays to >> out. agree to ride as you make your way towards the nimitz freeway. top speed 50 mi. an hour. >> james: bay area bargains welcome back, a new report out on teen drinking. if your parody might be alarmed. >> justine: president obama is coming to the bay area. he'll be making an appearance at facebook. a live look at the golden gate bridge, we'll be back in 60 sec.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a judge has overturned the jury's order that app will pay more than
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for violating patents held by wedtech company called mirror world. it dismisses one of the largest ever for a fix. they said that app will infringe on three of their pockets. in of president barack obama is coming to the bay area on behalf of social networking he's planning to hold a town hall sat out style section on facebook. social media has been a popular means for obama to communicate with supporters. facebook session will be conducted april 20th end. it will include mark as actor burt. >> justine: you details about the new report on teen drinking it sistine still see a problem with daly binges. five or more drinks a day is no speak-biigie. half f
4:42 am
the teens question, 45 percent said no there's not a big deal. upward trend in marijuana, ecstasy use among young people in grades 9-12. teen pregnancy is that a record low. in 2009 for the intent thousand teenage girls ages 15-19 gave birth. that's a 37% decrease from the rate nearly 20 degrees earlier than that. according to united nations the rate is still nearly nine times higher than the majority of other nations. i knew report on mr. kress says that some fadeaway when women stopped taking estrogen. the study showed and the effects on women quit taking estrogen.
4:43 am
this study can be found in the journal of the american medical association. >> james: either have much to say about that. but the teen drinking wine, that's like the charlie sheen school of how to party. full check of weather, traffic, if your ride caltrans, you might want to listen up. were talking about some of the potential budget cuts that could affect your ride. the rain is on the way here's a live look outside in san francisco, we will fill you in and all the details from we come back.
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>> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 4:44 >> louisa: conditions never
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let alone that he is to escape. and in time, at or 50s. high of 61. back then to about 54 by a clock. elsewhere we are still chilly. i therefore reaser oakland, redwood city '40's. bring their highs and to the upper 60s. 67 santa rosa, 60 napa. overall we will stay in to the '60s. widespread if that. low-mid-50s. along the coast, hold steady rate around 57. future cast, the key to the timeline reed around midnight he might pick a profuse sprinkles. pop up showers to the early
4:46 am
morning hours. 6:00, morning commute, stands a chance of submarines. and then it looks like as we head towards the later part of your day the debt for thunderstorms is there. although this looks like passing showers we could see the occasional heavy downpour. by the evening hours and looks like we will try out. where there is rain, there is no. we are to have a winter weather and advisory in effect taking into clear here around 10:00 tonight. those snow levels are on the 4,000 ft. level. anywhere between 4-8 in.. more than a foot of snow up over the peaks. heavy snow expected overnight rebound through sunrise. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain, thunderstorms clearing up by friday saturday and sunday mid- 60's, slight chance of rain
4:47 am
overnight on sunday. >> erica: good to go on bay area freeways, hot spot for you for the most part. for those of you taking the bridges, the purchase the bay bridge, easy conditions and to san francisco traffic moves well for all three approaches a special share ride along interstate 80. coming down to the macarthur maze, a great conditions come atop speeds at or above 50 mi. per hour. san mateo, same story, no problems. traffic beginning to build on the right side of your screen at a hayward into foster city. still good conditions tracking that drive time of just 14 minutes from end to end. no problems to report of the north bay coming southbound run zero went to the golden gate bridge looks very quiet. just a couple of cars on the stand. one last camera come across town
4:48 am
freeways look good. with the james lick meets the inbound traffic moves while southbound toward the peninsula if you're headed in the east projection to the lower deck is a problem for a commute. >> james: the earthquake early warning system in japan saved countless lives last month. california still does not have a system like that. as jeff bush tells us we need one, no matter how much the cost. >> reporter: scientists have been meeting for two days to discuss an earthquake early warning system for california. the recent earthquake in japan prove that early warning systems to work. they had 25 seconds to repair. that might not sound like a lot of time and then it would be enough time for gas stations to shut off the fuel, for the bullet trains to slow down. the problem is that price taint, $80 million to get the system up and running 20 million the year in
4:49 am
maintenance. >> justine: caltrans is working on its 2012 budget weekday in midday services at being looked at for a potential cuts. cutting out those services could mean a lot more cars on the road. especially for baseball fans. kron4 hear has been following the story. >> reporter: but that was to deal with all midday in weekend train service this could affect thousands of riders on any given game day the giants game could bring up to 6000 fans. those proposed cuts could force many of those attendees in their cars. caltrans says the new proposal will be brought to the board on thursday, service cuts are not as drastic. it will be
4:50 am
presented at an advisory meeting tuesday evening. the proposal may be a sigh of relief for giants fans who ride the train. it will likely have some cuts and possible increases. >> james: staying on the top of trains, it turns out we've seen as an ongoing problem that not everyone pays their fares. now, here is stanely roberts, with some people behaving badly. >> stanley: this is the fairness doctrine does come up but to pick up passengers and chinatown. at the rear, more than 20 people aboard, something that is frowned upon by muni. unless you have a clipper card, of the 20 people who boarded, i saw only two passengers actually pay. believe it or not, this 30 stockton is not even a list of worst lines.
4:51 am
according to meet the eight bay shore, 14 mission, 23 monterey, 44, 49, 52, in the t-line just to name a few hours. there are so many people skipping, muni last $19 million from derivation alone. the 14 into the 49 boats run down mission. fighting people boarding from the back was like shooting fish in a barrel. -- finding people. i spoke to numerous people who admitted riding the bus but what would not talk on camera. another person told me they never pay, they have no plans to start now. now, let's talk about the t- line, the only chain listed as the were assigned to find fairer evaders. some
4:52 am
people call out the tea on- line shuttle. for many residents the use it to-3 blocks. they see no reason to play to dollars or as my mother used to call a halt, skit, a drum. >> james: if you have a comment or a story idea you can email stanely at m. that is how he gets a lot of his thought, you can e- mail him. >> justine: he looks so tough in that picture. >> james: he is tough. (laughter) >> justine: coming up we have the latest on sports including tiger woods. >> james: watching the weather here and around the country a lot of intense stuff going on especially near the great lakes. here too we are reading for rain to come our way. a live look, will be right back in 60 .
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>> louisa: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and not even reach and 70 degrees and some part of the bay rain, thunderstorms for thursday the latest coming up. the weekend does not look too bad. >> justine: will there be football? and a judge will hear arguments from liars' representing nfl players who want an end to the ongoing lack out. league owners imposed the lockout after failing to reach a deal. tom brady, paid manning, seven other players file lawsuits on behalf of all the other players. if an agreement is not reached in time the 2011 nfl season could be delayed or canceled. tiger woods is practicing for the masters he is a two-time champ. he has a one a tournament in two years. he did exception to comments that he would
4:56 am
not finish in the top five. >> what you think of the opinion? speech there other is rhetoric day. (laughter) >> justine: he tees off 10:16 a.m. local time he will be playing his first round with gramm mcdonald. texas and that did not admit women to 1963 as it is celebrating its first title. they rallied from a second point second half to be noted game 76-70 then not get stamford to run their spot. don't forget april 10th, 10:00 p.m. this sunday, kron4 special encore
4:57 am
presentation of baseball by the bay. it's an encore look at the giant and gary will sit down with the gm of the a's and to talk about how they're doing in their little luck. that is rate your kron4. coming up the 5:00 a.m., new details on a big fire in the tender line. the question we're wondering did someone intentionally set this building on fire? -- new details on a big fire in the tenderloin. more rain is headed to the bay area, weather, traffic, a few minutes away. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. onds. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation.
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5:00 am
accuser on the scene. >> mark: the defense is presenting its case in the barry bonds trial, will this letter take the stand? >> darya: the giants fan who was attacked is now showing signs of brain damage. >> james: falling weather, here's where rain now, temperatures will be a lot cooler than yesterday. -- following weather, here is where we are right now. >> george: no hotspot for proms, an easy trip to the bridge. >> james: developing story, firefighters containing a three alarm fire. >> mark: in the tenderloin neighborhood comment broken out before 9:00. fire crews are on the scene, it started on the first floor, spreading through garbage to the entire building, 20 people were injured, four transported to hospital with non-life threatening
5:01 am
injuries. let's go to kron4 as yoli, one of her solo reporters. >> reporter: this is still active it, the fire department says the fire is still kindling in the attic. where still hanging out, trying to make sure the smoldering is put out completely. other than that it will be about mopping up and placing up to 100 people that are displaced. there were 24 transformed of this fire, you're quite a few people still hanging around here. it is a difficult task, a lot of the people who lived in the towers or special needs, the elderly, disabled. they really have to help put these people.
5:02 am
you want to stay away from the area. these fire trucks will be here for most of the morning. at least until 8:00 a.m.. >> mark: we spoke to some residents in the building. >> a fire alarm goes off all the time, i ignored it for the first five minutes, when i got up, i still smoke. so- i smelled smoke, i looked out, there was smoke billowing out. >> you could smell the smoke, but the time i close my door and hit the hallways, the smoked was everywhere. everywhere. >> darya: >> mark: multiple people displaced but the red cross providing an evacuation center across the street firefighters are on the scene looking for hot spots. >> darya: a federal judge is going to decide this morning whether to dismiss one of
5:03 am
the counts against barry bonds the account charges bonds with lying when he denied that his personal trainer asked him to take anything before the 2003 season. they agreed with guns is defense say scene saying is related to the right restaurants. the defense begins representing its side of this case. three-six witnesses including the possibility of bonds himself. they have barred prosecutors from using the tape of steve's conversation with bonds is orthopedic surgeon because it was " barely intelligible. " >> mark: live look from san francisco, changes in the forecast rain on the way. >> james: we have a team coverage, i want have louisa come up with a bit and talk about the wind and the snow. that is the other part of the storm system. a live look europe the golden gate bridge, let's bring get
5:04 am
headlines, first of clear skies, a cool morning, things will start changing. the wind gets testy. cooler temperatures will make themselves felt this afternoon. tomorrow wet weather is on the way. rate your temperatures, turned 50 degrees in san francisco mid to upper '40's just about every or else. 49 hayward, 47 san jose, 54 and the doubt that. that's probably the warmer spot. this afternoon, at temperatures are going to cool off compared to yesterday. 61 san francisco, a lot cooler than yesterday, 62 in richmond, 67 santa rosa, 66 and oakland, 66 degrees or thereabouts in san jose. similar conditions in the delta. these cool temperatures are going to be causing us to not only cool off but bring in some rain,
5:05 am
drop arsenal levels to. future cast, conditions at midnight thursday, that's where we see the reigns really began, 3 and thursday they continued scattered but more widespread. then by about three in the afternoon, another wave comes through again, north bay, east bank that is the way will be. showers of them long, possible thunderstorm. as we advance the -- clock we will keep rain in the forecast for friday, it will stand stable. -- unstable. my mellow things out on saturday. more on the wind, snow levels good morning louisa. >> louisa: we are expecting winds to pick up in the afternoon hours. still be surprised if with the wind gusts up to 40 mi. an hour.
5:06 am
sydney a significant change. when guests, give you an idea as we head towards noon, it looks like the winds will be up in the north bay picking up. 21 mi. an hour winds in san rafael. then as we put into motion heading towards the afternoon san francisco up ports to 30 mi. an hour. all of this poor program along the coast wind is certainly expected to be strong. it is not just contained to the coast. the storm starts to drop been increasing clouds will really start to pick up. it still keeps preconditions. george? >> george: no hot spot, they
5:07 am
bridge looks good. problem for the. san mateo bridge, smith trip. -- moon trip. we will take this quick break and be right back. hey marcel, watch this!
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5:10 am
member >> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. new developments in a giants fan that was attacked on opening day their reward for information leading to an arrest is up to $100,000. double what it was yesterday. doctors say brian stow is showing signs of brain damage. he suffered a skull fracture and bad bruising to his frontal lobe. he remains in the medical induced coma. and now his family speaking out. >> we received a telex
5:11 am
message from brian, during the game, where he said " he was scared inside the stadium. crowed he does it use a term like that loosely. he was a wonderful father, a great person, a man his dedicated to helping people, saving people's lives. he gave to the community. for such a terrible event to happen to him, it is just their riches. a man has never been in the fight in his life. >> darya: he is a paramedic, today that be a barbecue at the headquarters to assist his family with the medical bills. >> mark: washington, lawmakers are expected to debate the budget agreement and to shut down on friday. this is necessary to prevent the midnight deadline at that point we could see park's closing, the government shut down without
5:12 am
any authorization of funds. there was a meeting between the president and congressional leaders they failed to produce city breakthroughs. the president is working actively to try and get a spending cut steel. budget experts say about house republicans' the rugged put forth a budget for next year's said it has spending proposal could cost them more money for health care. it would put people 54 and under in two different programs. it is a federal voucher program that would allow people to buy private insurance. this analysis comes from the nonpartisan budget office. >> darya: we will be back with more and a couple of minutes. it is shaking, the wind is deftly testier than it was. the lights are trampling pretty clear we will bh the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:13 am
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>> mark: the plane needed a sense to replace. no one was injured. japan's government is telling them to inspect boeing 7 3/7. and order covering 46 planes that fly japan airlines. >> darya: workers have stopped the highly radioactive leak into the notion of " japan's flooded complex. the borough of the start of the task of removing the waste created from last month's earthquake in synonymy. the estimated
5:17 am
amount of all lot splintered dickory 30 million t. the total number of buildings destroyed, 151,000. hundreds of cars will be scattered all over the runways. the number of vehicles destroyed 150,000. these vehicles will need to be recycled. >> mark: back to arrive there, what's happening with the forecast. >> james: it will be tight, this weekend is a mixed bag. we might have a system rolled through. we have cold air, wind, snow levels, rain, breaking it up to up the morning. louisa hodge and i will lead to know we need to know throughout the
5:18 am
morning. it is cooler than there was yesterday. we're looking at conditions that are chile. 47 degrees and oakland, 46 and napa. 46 in livermore, you can see the trend upper 40's, low 50s. it will warm up this afternoon but it will be colder than i was yesterday only 62 in richmond, 63 novato 7 concord. it will warm up only to 66 in san jose. colder than yesterday nothing compared to tomorrow. that system roles in bringing cold air, rain. it will leave us all little on the west side. all of that cold air is coming down. we'll talk with louisa in a second about what it will do. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. before we get to read the showers, way early
5:19 am
thursday morning. scattered showers today friday holding on to some thunderstorm activity saturday, sunday half an hour. maybe the conference roll in a chance of evenings showers. >> louisa: for there is rain, there is snow. in fact, we have a winter weather advisory the kicks into gear reader and 10:00, lasting till 4:00. the ball, had expected to pressure in late tonight. midnight, early-morning hours to sunrise that is one will see the heavy stuff to profit to be more showers. snow levels down to four dozen people. we're talking about four-8 in. above 5,000 ft. up over the passes, we could get more than a foot of snow. george? >> george: not tracking in the hot spots, the bay
5:20 am
bridge restaurant looks good. san mateo bridge, it looks good, the westbound ride easy, no backup or delay, golden gate easy ride, if problem free 101 southbound. >> mark: members of the california public utilities committee are bound to use residents and officials testimony as the crack the new pipeline safety regulation plan. of victims spoke of a public form asking why more was not done. >> in italy and the people killed, but where's the other people with bandages around the face their hands. all of those other people never been talk to. baba talk to.pacific gas and electric company did not know their own pipelines. >> they did not look at
5:21 am
them. >> mark: last night's hearing is one of three. he wanted oakland man believed to have skin and elderly people at a $40,000 surprised police by attending his scheduled court appearance. carl carlson was arrested after shoring up our court, he showed up on monday oakland police ask for the public's help locating him last month after an unsuccessful search. >> darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes, to get to go and let's take a peek from our roof one van ness, you cannot tell too much but we are in the midst of a cool them waiting for rain. skies are clearing now.
5:22 am
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>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. watch national weather, another strong making its way mainly rain
5:25 am
as were headed into spring the storms have maureen snow in upstate new york, otherwise fairly quiet weather. >> darya: residence inn or virginia still cleaning up after the storm they had. take a look at some of the damage a path cut by this storm on monday one man in henry county says the wind lifted the roof right off of his house and then sat back down. left to 1 in. gap. the wind has also yanked five dozen windows -- 5. sorry. of the one house. there's the gap in our roof. the national weather service says all the damage is not a tornado. that was just wins. road crews still have mounds of mud treated by mudslides to dos. they're not going to have all that clear that in town next week. heavy rain
5:26 am
is what caused that side blocking the northbound lanes. southbound lanes had to be diverted. storm swept leaving power heritage is in down trees. >> mark: wall street, stock futures are up after the markets finished by yesterday's consumer spending will be slow this print according to economists. the new report coming out from march, $11 million to settle allegations that a bank over church investments. the u.s. and colombia are expected to announce trade pact. chrysler is cutting overtime in canada and mexico to conserve parts. traders credit rating may be downgraded because of concern of our production. the agency says the financial and operating performance will worsen as a result. for strength of that
5:27 am
and other automakers to halt production. >> darya: we now what. we now know what most likely will happen to blockbuster dish network is trying to buy them out. they expect to close the deal during the second quarter. they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in september. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the latest in a developing story in san francisco, 20 residence injured in a fire com. this was so easy.
5:28 am
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>> darya: a developing story at a san francisco firefighters had contained in this three alarm fire in the tenderloin in broken out around 9:00, you can see the firefighters very active seen this fire broke out in the 200 block at the franciscan tower it started
5:30 am
on the first floor traveling up the garbage chute spreading throughout the entire building. you can see some people being wheeled around their this through the pearly collapse, 20 people hurt, four had to go the hospital. the crews are still out there this morning let's go live. yoli is talking about what they know this morning and the situation with all of these people. >> reporter: we know where the fire started, basically in the trash chute. when it went up the chute, as to the attic, 45 minutes ago was when they said there was rekindling that happened to that is why they will be out here for problem most of the morning to make sure that stays out they have been able to put it out since, that's what they will monitor for the whole morning. aside from mop up they will have to find their
5:31 am
place from everyone of their residents that live in this apartment complex are basically displaced at least for the day. there's a hundred and 11 in residence here, right now they're waiting to be transported. this is video i shot about 20 minutes ago. a lot of people the live in this apartment are disabled, seniors a lot of special needs. that are in hand. red cross it really has their hands full trying to place these people and give them what they may need. they will be dealing with that. in the meantime, they'll mock up and try to find out whether this was accidental war said on purpose. that part they still don't know. >> darya: that's a lot of people displaced. are they can move in shuttles? he
5:32 am
mentioned the release today but surely many of them will be able to go back. >> reporter: they said are ready apartments shot up radar along this area. apartments on each side of those are damaged we still don't know what extent is that those of the ones that seem to be affected the most. you still have all these other apartments on left hand corner they may be scared. people may be able to go back. at this point we don't know. >> mark: james has more on that and a storm. the james lick, or by mild i mean cool they will feel cooler. weather have runs, a clear sky, clear mornings. gusty
5:33 am
winds we will talk more about that this afternoon. will break it up and trying to all the information you need. tomorrow, the wet weather comes and scattered showers throughout the day, bay area wide not that big stores choker, scattered showers. rain no upper '40's low 50s. 49 hayward, 47 san as a, 48 at the coast. a little warmer at the delta. 46 in livermore. our temperatures will be chillier than they were yesterday. 65 in vallejo. low-mid-60's are on the media pay. 64 fremont, 65 in mountain view. 66 degrees in san has say. falling the
5:34 am
rain in the pacific you can see here we're talking about with the cold front rolling through on thursday. that will give us showers all morning and afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. chance of thundershowers. we will all hopefully dry it out. more on the winds let's talk about that. >> louisa: the the big story is the wind, expected to get really gusty. up to 40 mi. an hour. we'll start you off, noon time the morning hours start to notice those winds, everyone will feel erigeron in time. of course to 20 mi. an hour to the north bay. into the afternoon, for a clock, a checked it out, and upwards of about 30 mi. an hour. it
5:35 am
is not just because it is expected to be affected, in spots, the delta 27 mi. an hour winds for fairfield 23 for livermore. 7:00 still keeping those when strong even in the inland spots, as we head towards the evening we will see it die down just slightly still keeping amount to about 18. 21 in san rafael. george. >> george: hotspot free so far bay bridge looks good, was bearish note problems. san mateo easy ride, a quick flick, right side is the commute direction. golden gate no trouble here. easy commute in from marin county. to the newsroom >> justine: . i do have some news to share, to iss as it has sold 01 million prius
5:36 am
hybrids in the united states there prius has been the top-selling hybrid in the united states since it went on sale 11 years ago worldwide their report selling more than 2 million prius. >> mark: latest developments on the giants fan that was developed attacked. the reward for permission leading to an arrest has gone up $200,000. doctors say brian stow is showing signs of brain damage he suffered a severe skull fracture and brad bruising. he remains in a, this morning. today there will be a barbecue from noon-8:00 p.m. in san jose where he works to assist the family with medical bills. to get to more news faster let's turn to craig sklar. the community has really come
5:37 am
together to help brian. >> reporter: they are, none more than the works to work with him here at a.m. are. you can see the 5:00 a.m. shift is getting ready to go. this is the shift he worked on. they're doing a barbecue today from noon-8. in the east side of san jose to raise money for him. they are to raise money for him at pizza my heart, the average is at least 10,000- $20,000 to help for his medical bills. his family is down there, leaving their jobs to look after him. so these guys here are hoping that he will be all right, he may have been brain damage. -- he may have been it brain damage. they're hoping that they can raise some money for the families. i talk to a few of them, in a little while i will assure you what they had to say.
5:38 am
>> mark: amr is also providing some of the reward money to help find the people who did this. >> i think they're more interested in dealing with medical bills in the family. someone told me there like a family. they consider brian and his family part of that family. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. cut train riders could be paying more to reggie here trains operating out of your stations. take a look to what this could mean, the agreement would eliminate 10 trains from the current schedules close for three stations increasing fares and parking freeze. including baseball's service, in this deal would be presided, it would continue but modified.
5:42 am
they're considering radical solutions and light of the budget deficit the agency will face in the coming year. jackie sissel is in san mateo at one of the stations that is supposed to be closing. >> reporter: i guess it's all relative. it could've been much worse according to officials. they could have closed up to 16, instead they're just enclose three. all and all others 32 stations on long the -77 mi. corridor dark. we will talk about some of the other things, nine less trains on the weekday and weekend trains will be cut down.
5:43 am
this one here hayward or it is one of the three. hayward parking san mateo, capital station and san jose, bayshore, brisbane san francisco. these are drastic measures of course, but these are drastic times. we're at your this morning, so far this morning and seen three people got a train if i can ever to the right you can see the parking lot is basically empty. this may be one of the big reasons why they decided to close this particular station. but, for the people who use it is convenient. we hope to talk to some underwriters said here this morning. >> darya: the date would be? >> reporter: july. there to stationed nearby they have the luxury of having a couple of stations.
5:44 am
>> darya: thank you, we will check back with you a little bit later. >> mark: we'll be right back, a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving smoothly.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. quick recap of the stories this morning, firefighters had contained a three alarm fire in the tender line is broken up and 9:00 p.m. last thing, they're still on the scene -- tenderloin. their agenda figure what to do with the residents that have been replaced. it broke jet the franciscan tower hotel, 20 people injured, four in the hospital. >> mark: federal judge decided this morning whether not to dismiss the count against barry bonds. it charges him with lying when he denied that his personal trainer asked him to take anything before the 2003 season. the defense will begin presenting its case today. bonds as lawyers are calling 3-6 win this is, one
5:48 am
of the witnesses could be bonds himself. that may be to make the prosecution prepare for bonds even though he most likely will not take the stand. for the judges aren't prosecutors from using the tape of the conversation because it was could barely intelligible. the " >> darya: new details about the dodgers attack on a giants fan. court has gone up to $100,000. doctors say brian stow is showing signs of brain damage. he remains in critical condition, skull fracture, but bruising they had to remove part of his skull to relieve pressure on his brain. >> mark: president barack obama is traveling to philadelphia to talk about his long-term plan to reduce oil embers that imports. shifting to renewable and less
5:49 am
polluting sources. president barack obama said he is going to reduce them by one- third by 2025. we're learning about president barack obama strep, it will be on behalf of social networking. town hall calls dialed session on facebook. it's a popular means for them to communicate it will be conducted april 28th, it will be done at facebook headquarters. it will include the ceo. >> darya: we want to get a look at the weather, we're trying to figure out the timing we know there is a cool them. >> james: and looks like we will see an early to morning, with us all day, not a lot of rainbow widespread, scattered showers may be a quarter inch or less. mount tam, skimmer shaking just a bit, louisa is following that part of the storm rain now or 50 degrees in san francisco while warming up
5:50 am
to 61. we will start of the day on a cool notes, 45 and oakland, 48 san jose, 54 and antioch. almost everyone is in the upper 40's this morning as opposed to the 50s. chillier start for you. this afternoon temperatures cooler than yesterday. only getting up to 61 in san francisco. 65 of the layout. 66 oakland, 66 in san jose. colder air is courtesy of a storm system coming in from the gulf of alaska. we have the satellite you to show you coming in. there is still not be the only day that we see rain friday, a chance a pop-up thunderstorms as well. with the cold there, the rain comes the wind. also tahoe to, we have low snow levels with this cold air. >> louisa: deal like spring
5:51 am
skiing? we have more head of our way snowfall expected to really kick in overnight tonight we could have the heavy snow overnight through midnight raid on to sunrise. looks like the winter weather advisory is in effect from 10:00 tonight to 4:00 tomorrow if we could see some snow showers continue. snow levels are not too bad. we could get anywhere between 4-8 in. above that 5,000 ft. level. more than a foot of snow up over the passes. certainly more snow piling up. >> george: no hot spots this morning, they bridge looks good, no problems, no backups. -- bay bridge. a good ride and 92 as you head west towards 101. problem free on 101 southbound. >> darya: thank you, 5:51
5:52 am
a.m. and san francisco supervisor was aboard a muni metro light rail when a door failed to close, as it sped through the subway tunnel. supervisors got weaker was a passenger, he was traveling between van ness and church remember we should do this video and how the door was wide open. once the train was in the tunnel, the operator came on the intercom and advisor writers the door is open and to stay away. as you can see the control and is one that is leading rate towards the [. the chair and read the decision of passengers rask to get off. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. developing news of the day in [ man ] i gote of min. this new citi thankyou card
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5:55 am
gives you more ways to earn points. bid >> darya: to the a look at the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you feel the breeze, and know that a little cooler are ready for at least we will get some sunshine today, 69 is the
5:56 am
high. rain, thunderstorms move in on thursday. tomorrow looks like a washout, we call for the dry but that also could mean sporadic storms lingering around. we're pretty clear, and i saturday, 65 saturday- sunday. sunday afternoon a chance of showers. tweet this, twitter is staying in san francisco. they approve the tax break meaning the company will not lose--leave the city. >> mark: texas a&m we didn't even admit women to 1973 are celebrating their first national tigard. they rallied from a second point second have to be nurtured a 76-70. they knocked them out
5:57 am
over the weekend, and now they are the national champions. don't forget, april 10th, is that this sunday? >> darya: let's see, what today, 6 yes it is. >> mark: encore presentation this said they all look, there as of sunday right there. all i have to do is read. they toasted by gary, but going to talk about baseball. rich on kron4. >> darya: we will be right back. one of the big stories we're working on is a fire in san francisco. their other people left homeless, looking for help, 20 people were at it. like the weather coming out. we also waiting for rain tomorrow, when
5:58 am
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